Unique Shaped Colorful Chameleon Animal Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults – W1003

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Make Something Wonderful Out of Wood

Wood has long been used to produce a wide range of both practical and decorative objects.
These items are laser cut and etched in great detail for a more defined item.
And they are finished with a high quality UV resistant gloss that protects them from color fading and adds lasting protection.

Unique Pieces

Shaped pieces themed to match the puzzle for an entertaining experience.
For example, jigsaw puzzle unicorn is the shape of a unicorn.
The result is a refreshing, unusual shaped jigsaw puzzle that, coupled with our inventive and ingeniously-shaped whimsy shaped pieces to match the image theme, will captivate puzzlers from the first to last piece.

Wooden Puzzles for A Premium Puzzling Experience

It is made of sustainable basswood with environmentally-friendly and non-toxic paints.
The box is also made with recycled materials and no plastic is used in our packaging process.

Precision Laser Cutting

Cutting edge technology ensures intricate pieces fit together perfectly.

Custom Irregular Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

We welcome OEM project, for we have a in-house design team to meet your production needs.

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Our Company

I’m Nosto

Nosto provides both new and classic games and high quality puzzles that bring couples, families and friends together to have fun without the use oftechnology. We offer puzzles for enthusiasts and for those who will benefit from puzzle therapy.Puzzles and games provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let us help you and your kids get untethered from all that electronic media for a few minutes and enjoy some real social networking!

Our Team

A Company with Design at Its Heart

We have an in-house team of five designers skillful at 3D puzzle stadium project. The designers have a mix of interests and many years' experience, designing licensed products and working with artists and rights-holders. Thanks to them, who handle every aspect of the product design process, from the initial creative concepts to print-ready or production files.

Fresh, Innovative Content and Quality Design

What makes us stand out is our ability to create value for all our partners through a complete range of in-house services.

Our Technology

Wood Laser Cut Machine

Multifunctional acrylic wood MDF fabric nonmetallic laser cutting engraving machine is our basic type CO2 laser engraving cutting machine. It is the most cost-effective and multifunctional machine.

UV Printing Machine

With the capability to print onto rigid substrates of any surface, it offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor advertisement, decoration, DIY promotion products and gifts.

Our Factory

Together We Can Accomplish Everything!

Between brainstorming, designing, prototyping and manufacturing, we make sure their vision becomes reality.

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