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Great Item for Home Crafting or Professional Crafting

Wood has long been used to produce a wide range of both practical and decorative objects.

Our wooden items have been designed to go together very securely using a tab and slot assembly.

This simple principle has been used across most of our 3D wooden items.

We recommend decorating before assembling shapes to ensure easy construction.

If you need help assembling your wooden product, please watch the below video showing our hints and assembly guide.

It should make things easier before you get started!

Item# L0106P-15 Forest Whisper DIY Night Light

Laser engraved and cut from 3mm thick basswood

Finished Size: 8.8(L) x 8.8(w) x 4.0(H) cm

Wood Piece: 10 pcs

Includes Everything A Crafter Needs

supplied flat-packed for easy self-assembly and are plain to decorate

* 4 x Wooden Sheets

* Acrylic Paint - Pack of 6 Colours

* 1 x Paint Brush

* 1 x Light Diffusion Plate

* 1 x LED strings

* 1 x Acrylic Plate

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